About Bellavei Eye Lifting Gel and Bellavei Phytoceramides

Bellavei Vision Lifting Gel and Bellavei Phytoceramides are two person skincare, anti-aging products which, when found in mixture, state to take 10 to two decades off your appearance “overnight.” BellaVei mainly targets the grade of the product to be able to promote healthy, beautiful, younger and nourished pores and skin. The products are created with […]

12 Foods that keep you Hydrated

12 Foods that keep you Hydrated Eat Up Who says you can’t have your water — and eat it, too? According to the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations we should eat 20 percent of our daily water intake. Soup, yogurt and oatmeal are all great fluid-filled foods, but these summer-friendly fruits and veggies can also help […]

Agents with Anti-Aging Properties

Agents with Anti-Aging Properties There are two main groups of agents that can be used as anti-aging cream components, the antioxidants and the cell regulators. The antioxidants, such as vitamins, polyphenols and flavonoids, reduce collagen degradation. Vitamins C, B3, and E are the most important antioxidants because of their ability to penetrate the skin through […]

Dehydration, Prevention Tips

Dehydration, Prevention Tips Drink plenty of water before, while, and after you are active. This is very important when it’s hot out and when you do intense exercise. You can drink water or rehydration drinks. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise. Take a container of water or sports drink with you when […]

Photodamage and Anti-aging techniques

Photodamage and Anti-aging techniques Photodamage, which is caused by overexposure to the sun or ultraviolet light, may accelerate the process of skin aging. Wrinkles occur at a younger age and are more pronounced. Typical signs of photodamage are brown age spots and irregular pigmentation of the skin, especially in fair-skinned people. In addition, growths may […]